Osterville Village

JANNEY,  812 Main Street |  508.420.1133  508.420.1133

Putting clients first is ingrained in the way we do business. When combined with our shared values, a spirit of continuous improvement and a strong commitment to diversity, we create a team of employees that are passionate about achieving successful results for our clients.


CENTINEL FINANCIAL GROUP LLC, 901 Main Street, Suite B |  508.420.4590  508.420.4590

Centinel Financial Group, member of the John Hancock Financial Network, is a financial advisory practice that focuses on helping individuals, families and small businesses with the accumulation, protection and distribution of their assets. Advisor, Sean Doherty, utilizes a unique 3 step financial analysis to assist his clients in achieving their financial goals.Hours: Mon-Fri: 9:00am-5:00pm


Financial Services

JHS CAPITAL ADVISORS 1284 Main Street  |  508-420-8360

JHS Capital Advisors is a “new kind” of asset management firm. It’s not that we do anything new; it’s mostly because we do things the way they used to be done. We honor the tenets of sound business, true relationships and performance. There is a commitment by each of our financial advisors to embrace, live and promote the JHS “code of ethics,” which creates authentic integrity. - See more